Spring 2012 revisits the 1920’s

Spring 2012 fashion paid homage to the 1920’s in many ways, but one trend that was seen time and  time again on the runways were the drop-waist silhouettes that were born in the 20’s.

According to ehow.com, a drop wait dress is one with a longer bodice section and a shorter skirt. These dresses usually have the waist seam about one to two inches below the natural waist indentation. The skirt is normally full, although slender silhouettes are also available. Drop waist designs are available in both casual and evening fabrics.

This silhouette first emerged in the golden era of flappers and jazz. The drop-waist dress was appealing to women because it was a nice contrast to the corsets they had been wearing previously; it was also seen as sign of liberation as Women’s suffrage and equal rights also played a huge part of that decade. Whatever the reason for this silhouette, the fashion world took notice and it is continuously reinventing itself and appearing on the runways every so often.

The drop-waist reemerged  in the 60s Mod era, reappeared in the 80s to compliment the over-sized shoulder-pads, and lucky for us Great Gatsby lovers, the drop waist is back and better than ever for Spring 2012. Channel your inner flapper this spring with an updated drop-waist dress like these seen on the runways.

Chloé, Sonia Rykiel, Giambattista Valli, S/S 2012

Jil Stuart S/S 2012

Gucci S/S 2012

Roberto Cavalli S/S 2012

The drop-waist dresses seen on the Spring 2012 runways ranged from daytime looks to evening dresses. Some were detailed like the ones seen at Gucci and Roberto Cavalli while those seen at Chloe and Jil Stuart had a very fresh, minimalistic feel; illustrating just how versatile this silhouette can be.

Now that spring fashion has officially sprung, you will be seeing more 20s inspired drop-waist dresses on the streets and in the stores. Think of the drop-waist dress as an alternative to your structured spring frock. Although the drop-waist isn’t for everyone, but for those who have long legs and minimal curves (I got the no curves part down, but because I am 5’1″ this silhouette tends to cut me off, making my legs look already shorter than they are eeeeek! Although I love this silhouette, I tend to avoid it for that reason.) this is one dress that you will not regret adding into your spring 2012 wardrobe. This silhouette has stood the test of time, several different times now and I am sure we will see the no-frills silhouette back on the runways again in another 20 or so years.


One thought on “Spring 2012 revisits the 1920’s

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